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Artspace Germany

Art. Nr.: 1070

Artspace Germany

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Werner Meyer, Ursula Zeller
Ursula Zeller
Armando, Candice Breitz, Tony Cragg, Marianne...
2. Aufl. – Stuttgart , 2011. – 56 S.
– 16,2 x 24,0 cm. – 200 gr.
lieferbar. Gewicht: 200 gr.

Where as many German artists moved to the art metropolis of Paris in the 1950s or to New York beginning in the 1960s, artists from other nations made a conscious decision to (re)locate themselves and their art in Germany. By presenting the exemplary positions of the last thirty years, the exhibition follows the meaning and the influence that the men and women artists, living here and known internationally, have had on themes, media and forms of expression in the art discourse of today.

'Artspace Germany’ is the first exhibition to be put together in a transnational form, based on foreign cultural policy of the European Union. Transcending the borders put up by categories of art forms, groups of works stand for the myriad artistic variety to be seen in transcultural unity.

Werner Meyer, Ursula Zeller

Armando, Candice Breitz, Tony Cragg, Marianne Eigenheer, Ayşe Erkman, Christine Hill, Magdalena Jetelová, Per Kirkeby, Joseph Kosuth, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Nam June Paik, Giuseppe Spagnulo, herman de vries

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