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Post-Oil City

Art. Nr.: 1042

Post-Oil City

The History of the City's Future
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Mike Davis, Thilo Hilpert, Matthias Schuler,...
Nikolaus Kuhnert, Anh-Linh Ngo
Masdar, Xeritown, N.E.S.T., Curitiba – Urban...
1. Aufl. – Aachen: Arch , 2011. – 120 S. – 978-3931435189 – 23,0 x 31,0 cm. – 940 gr.
lieferbar. Gewicht: 940 gr.

At a time when more than half of the world’s population is living in cities, the effects of climate change on urban life can no longer be ignored. The ex-hibition 'Post-Oil City: The History of the City’s Future,' as well as the ac-companying catalogue edited by ARCH+, present innovative projects in Asia, Africa, and America that address urgent questions: How will the tran-sition from fossil fuels to renewable energy affect the process of urban plan-ning and the city? How will the use of renewable energies affect urban me-tabolism and the politics of sustainability and mobility?

'Post-Oil City' is as much about the future as it is about the past. As indicat-ed by the exhibition’s subtitle – 'The History of the City’s Future' – every vi-sion of the future is based on a vision of the past. By contrasting 11 current projects in the field of sustainable urban planning with 9 from the past, the exhibition aims to show that many of today’s developments have their roots in the urban utopias of mid-20th-century modernism. Today, urban plan-ners are returning to these concepts and adapting them to the challenges posed by climate change, a limited supply of fossil fuels, economic recession, and global systemic crisis.

Mike Davis, Thilo Hilpert, Matthias Schuler, Anh-Linh Ngo, Florian Böhm, Bruno Latour, Stefan Gruber, Bianca Maria Rinaldi, Michael Prytula, Carolin Mees

Masdar, Xeritown, N.E.S.T., Curitiba – Urban Acupuncture, New York Highline, Better Place, Taiwan Strait, Slow Architecture / Studio Mumbai Architects

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