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A Global Game

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A Global Game

Sport, Culture, Development and Foreign Policy
EUNIC, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)
Thomas Alkemeyer, Dario Brentin, Cora Burnett,...
1. edit. – Göttingen: Steidl , 2016. – 250 p.
– (EUNIC yearbook, Culture Report) – 16,7 x 24,0 cm.
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The integration of refugees, conflict resolution, human rights, emancipation and the fight against racism – these are just some of the areas where sport can have a positive role to play. To what extent can global sport act as a strategic instrument of cultural diplomacy and a role model for civil society? Can it help to achieve development policy goals? Does it still make any sense to use mega sports events for the purposes of nation branding? And what can we as normal citizens learn from an extreme mountaineer? These and other questions are addressed in the Culture Report and EUNIC Yearbook 2016 by authors as diverse as Umberto Eco, Reinhold Messner, Dave Eggers, Serhij Zhadan, Beqë Cufaj and Claus Leggewie.

More than a game – The global language of sport. By Sebastian Körber

CHAPTER 1: A global conversation – Sport, culture and foreign policy
A tool for cultural relations. By Grant Jarvie
The politics of sport. By Jonathan Grix
An expanded space for communication. By Claus Leggewie
A matter of governance. By Cora Burnett
A form of social capital. By Joseph Maguire
A love affair with dictators. By Marianne Meier
‘The Enterprise’. By Frank Vogl
An arena for nationalist sentiments. By Bernd Reiter
Ping-pong and cricket diplomacy. By Karl-Heinz Schneider
Strong girls – strong communities. By Heather Cameron
Can gold medals increase a country’s prestige? By Jan Haut
The rules of the global game. By Ladislau Dowbor

CHAPTER 2: Sport around the world – Emancipation, fair play or curse?
Sport is also war. By Beqë Cufaj full text
Ukraine goes into extra time. By Serhij Zhadan full text
Sport for communists. By Dave Eggers full text
The taxpayers' burden and dribbling prejudices. By Julia Haß
A healthy old age. By Yongxian Li
A symbol of Spain’s internal battles. By Julian Rieck full text
Building a nation, destroying a nation? By Dario Brentin
Swede of the year. By Anders Ravn Sørensen full text

CHAPTER 3 The hand of God or part of our DNA? Sport is more than a cultural phenomenon
A force for emancipation and discrimination. By Andrei S. Markovits
Sport is man, sport is society. By Umberto Eco full text
A stage for protests. By Jürgen Mittag
Significance in action. By Thomas Alkemeyer
Zest for life, creativity and less is more. By Reinhold Messner

CHAPTER 4: EUNIC and the national institutes for culture – Promoting trust and understanding worldwide
EUNIC – The first ten years. By Andrew Murray
Who we are and what we do – An overview of EUNIC members
EUNIC – The next ten years. By Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga

Thomas Alkemeyer, Dario Brentin, Cora Burnett, Heather Cameron, Beqë Cufaj, Ladislau Dowbor, Umberto Eco, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Grix, Julia Haß, Jan Haut, Grant Jarvie, Sebastian Körber, Claus Leggewie, Yongxian Li, Joseph Maguire, Andrei S. Markovits, Marianne Meier, Reinhold Messner, Jürgen Mittag, Andrew Murray, Anders Ravn Sørensen, Bernd Reiter, Julian Rieck, Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga, Karl-Heinz Schneider, Frank Vogl, Serhij Zhadan

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